Game Review – Stuntman Ignition

Stuntman Ignition
NAME: Stuntman Ignition
COMPANY: THQ Wireless – Universomo
GENRE: Action
SIZE: 134 KB
RATING: 5/10

Stuntman Ignition (JAVA) is a mobile version of the console game. However this is not a clone of the XBOX or even the PS2 versions, we feel that only in concept and logos make them related.

Unlike out other game reviews, we can’t really say too much about this one because we weren’t captivated by gameplay.

It is very much like Johnny Crash except you’re in cars rather than an actual person.

Essentially make your car go as fast as possible whilst collecting the various ‘stars’ literally, while doing various jumps. There are 9 different scenarios in each level and all have the same task. However the fact that we had difficulty even getting the car going was not a good sign.

The game isn’t hard but the control accuracy, timing and perhaps un-interesting goals are the main issues we think.

It’s OK but there other games that are easier and more fun to play.