Best Mobile Network

This page only deals with each mobile phone company’s coverage and network reception.

No comment.

Very good coverage for GSM not too bad 3G coverage but can do better. Call costs are best out of the lot for certain plans and generous 3G download – for price. However could be made much better. Has a connection charge but cheap compared to Telstra.

Very good coverage for GSM and 3G. Call costs competitive but 3G data changes are a complete rip-off. What ever you do DO NOT touch that Bigpond button. Very poor choice of compatible 3G mobile. You they change for connection which equates to 70c every time you press the button.

Virgin Mobile

Good coverage for GSM but could do better for 3G. Very competitive call rates and SMS but dependent of the most current offer.

3 (Three)
Good coverage for GSM but very poor for 3G. However 3G content is the cheapest and there is no connection charge. Best value 3G network if available in your area.