Website Info

Update of April 2020

We’ve be disillusioned with the state of the phone, tech, gaming market, internet content in general. There are very few innovations, the rise in generic for profit websites which spread often incorrect reviews occupying the top Google searches. Many once relatively unbiased websites and people have fallen in to the pit of ‘for profit on content’ which often mean churning repetitive pro-Apple related content for views and hits. They only have themselves to blame for following the money. They aren’t actually experts any anything and rather mouth pieces for other businesses PR. Hence this website.

Update of December 2014

Finally got around to updating the website’s theme. We took ages to decide on the Pinboard theme.

Update of November 2012!

More changes as we change the direction of the website. We offer genuine opinions here unaffected by PR since they don’t send us anything but boring press releases.

Update of July 2010!

Slowly redesigning the website to become a technology and mobile phone BLOG with any apps that we develop for free. It seems the best way to make use of the website and experiment with the latest web tech.

Update of February 2010!

The two of us that are left have decided to simple refocus as a personal BLOG and basically website design and writing practice.  Just too tough to contemplate any other purpose.  So where just writing about the phones we bought and demo’ed as we went through the process of getting our latest phones.

Update of January 2010!

Oh my god! You must be wondering how we are ever going to get this website of the ground – well so are we.  We started off as 6 individuals then 5, 4 and suddenly 2!  It’s not easy when you don’t have a leader and even worse if you can actually be in the same place.  We live in 3 different states and one has a significantly different time zone aka 3 hours.

Some of us have decided to focus on iPhone Apps while other wish to continue on regular websites and others Nokia and S60 devices.  It is difficult as you can imagine.

So what in store for this year? – your guess is as good as ours.  We still have some motivation to update the website and there are quite a few unfinished reviews and other articles that have been prepared but until one of decides to commit to being the Editor things aren’t looking good.  Oh well..

Update of 2009!

We are still no closer to working out why we started the site in the first place.  Nonetheless we are continuing develop new software and writing up various reviews on our phones and other gadgets.

Update of 2008!

Finally – After a lot of arguments over what sort of site we should create we have decided to focus on what we have all been doing over the past few years and that it create a decent mobile phone BLOG where we review the phones we have purchased and any other mobile related gadgets that we happen to come across. Of late we’ve been working with mobile phone development software so will use this site to make notes and references and thank you to all who helped make the development of our stuff.

This site will be the homepage for any mobile applications or content that we’ve created.
This site will contain all the mobile phone and IT equipment reviews we’ve done.
This site will contain all the mobile phone game reviews we so enjoy.

It is a combination of 6 or so BLOGs we have individually been posting for the past few years