Famous Mobile Phones

Technology props play an important in many movies. So we’ve written a page that lists the best known mobile phones from the movies and TV series that you can or could actually buy. As you’d expect there’s also some commentary – thanks to Dan.

The Matrix (1999)

The movie that brought mobile phones or cell phones as they call it – to the masses. Every geek wanted one and so did cool people. But what was it? The famous matrix phone is the Nokia 8110. Back in 1998 this phone was state of the art. It was also one of the first slider phones.

The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (2005 Movie)

This movie features the Nokia 7610 used by Arthur Dent.

So why this phone? Compared to mobile phones in 2007 it’s quite ordinary. But when released in early 2004 it was one of their top range phones. I recall it was the one of the first megapixel cameras and largest screens from Nokia.

James Bond – Casino Royale (2006 Movie)

James Bond uses the Sony-Ericsson K800i and Vesper Lynn uses the Sony-Ericsson M600. The K800i finally puts SE on the map in countries Philippines and Malaysia.