Animated Clocks

Welcome to the homepage of animated clocks that really work by us! Yes, we’ve developed some animated wallpapers and screensavers that you can use on your mobile phone.  They are primarily designed for Nokia mobiles but may work on other brands.

If we use stuff like things like graphics from other authors so it is necessary and that we make note of where and what stuff we used is by and from. It is only fair to all those who made them in the first place! That’s the only reason why we put up the site’s URL on the clocks is so that this referencing and thank you can occur. We only use free stuff for clocks except for the development application by Adobe software and other FLASH related programs.

Being real world developers we use various pieces of software to develop applications for the PC however since this site is for our collective mobile phone interest we decided to try our hand at developing software for mobile phones.

The first try at mobile phone software is the simple clock! So after many weeks at learning the technicalities we ended up with our first ever timepieces for your phone.

They are divided into various collections should we develop any more in the future.  They work better as wallpapers since we’ve aligned the clock faces to fit neatly under the usual stand by text.   They should also work on any mobile phone or cell phone that has Flash Lite 2.0 and above installed on them. Eg. New Nokia and Sony Ericsson models.


The animated clocks and screensavers are no longer offered directly from this website. However they will be offered through the various official store in the near future.

Past versions include:

  • Phase HQ for Nokia E71 E72 and E63
  • Phase Collection
  • Premium HQ for Nokia E71 E72 and E63
  • Premium for E71 and E63
  • Purity for E71 and E63
  • Beta Collection
  • Classic Collection
  • Classic II Collection
  • Purity Collection
  • Precious Collection
  • Oceanic Collection
  • Chrono Collection
  • Cosmic Collection
  • Valentine Collection
  • Zodiac Collection


These Animated clocks work on many mobile phones other than Nokia. Casio, Kyocera, Mitsubushi, Hitachi Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung and Fujitsu models can run them as a stand alone or as wallpapers or screensavers. Unfortunately only phones made from 2007 are the most common.

Your phone should have a 240W x 320H screen to view the clocks properly.

They require Adobe Flash Lite 2 and above installed on your phone (and the option to use SWF as a wallpaper or screensaver) to work properly.


Since they are FREE they are provided ‘as is’ no application support will be given or warranty of use and so forth. That is, use at your own risk. They have been virus checked before uploading here and the Nokia MOSH site. Do not download anywhere else or pay for these versions!

Check out the links on the side menu for the different versions. Be on the look out for new editions that can only be found here!