Game Review – AquaDig

Aqua Dig
NAME: AquaDig
COMPANY: Viva La Mobile
GENRE: Action
SIZE: 142 KB
RATING: 6.5/10

AquaDig – Journey to the Core for your mobile phone is a Dig Dug like game. You control a mini-sub that you use to dig the bottom of the ocean seeking treasure and to dig down the furthest. As you collect more treasures you then sell them to buy upgrades to your mini-sub.

We have a few issues with the gameplay, mainly because the upgrades cost too much! You have to spend at least 15 minutes before you can consider substantial upgrades. Furthermore you can’t dig upwards which means you’ll have to be careful when oxygen is running low.

Speaking of which, you are limited by how much oxygen and cargo space your sub can carry. So you’ll find your self surfacing quite often. Until you collect and sell enough treasure. The save feature comes in very handy here.
The various treasures you collect have different values, they include things like gold, opal, silver and the very popular quartz. Bombs extra air tranks can also be bought, upgrades like air tanks and drill bits can also help unfortunately the high price of items and lack of enough treasures limit playability.

Graphics and sound quality are not the best considering that it is was released in 2007.

We played a few times but the cost of upgrades restricts the ability to create strategies. You can save the game which is useful but not the ideal solution to the cost ratio issue. Due to the length to time it takes to get started we cannot fully recommend that game.

Nevertheless the concept is sound it needs a rework for it to be more enjoyable on the mobile phone. If you enjoy the challenge of a slow start and willing to persist then perhaps this game is for you