Best Mobile Deals

The best deals for pre-paid and outright mobile phones recommendation page has been ‘paused’ since there are just too many phones being released all the time and price changes happening all the time to truly pick ‘the best one’. As a result it is difficult to pick what is the ‘best’ one for any longer period and a few days.

There are now hundreds of different of regular mobile phones and smart phones you can buy outright or choose on a plan it is impossible for any BLOG site cover like us to cover. SO we do try to choose the models we would personally consider buying and not influenced by PR spin – which incidentally is difficult enough.

There are a continuing increase in the number of really good mobile and smart phones that can be purchased outright for not very much money hence getting a SIM only package and a good un-locked mobile or smart phone can be overall better value than a package.  However phones in pre-paid packages can have some older gems that although network locked can still be used if you are on the same network.

We DO NOT take the call charges or network features into account (unless a real standout) on this page purely because they change often. This recommendation is based on the best mobile phone for your dollars.  That is, the phone works the best and has the most features for the price.

Also be aware that many pre-paid deals that come with mobile phones that are network locked. It may be a better option to purchase a new phone outright and IF purchased from certain retailers are completely unlocked so you can use it on any network!