Links to Free Apps

Here’s a running list of links to other websites that offer free software or applications for your mobile phone.  Note that some require that you have a data plan and access to a 3G network or wi-fi internet connection.  This list is only for non-Apple iPhones.

Many of the apps require you visit the website on your phone so that it can determine which version of the program will work on your phone.  Some are download and install types and some web based. Many free version have limited functionality but what functions are available are usefully.

The some software and application listed here run to certain brands eg. Nokia, Blackberry etc.. or require that the phone can run and install JAVA.  They are pretty legitimate so give them a go!


Lode Runner




All sort of Google based apps


Yahoo GO!

Travel Apps

Psiloc – World Traveller

Web Browser

Opera MINI