AMA Perfect Body Diet screen shot 1 AMA Perfect Body Diet screen shot 2
NAME: AMA Perfect Body Diet
COMPANY: AMA – Advanced Mobile Applications
GENRE: Self Help
SIZE: 574 KB
TEST PHONE: Sony Ericsson k800i
RATING: 5/10

This is the sort of a self help or personal development game. It’s hard to classify since we’ve never tried anything like this before. Essentially you enter you physical details in and answer a series of questions and Mya the model will sort you out with various health recommendations.

Mya acts as you host throughout the program telling you lots of stuff in big blue talk bubbles. She is probably more attractive in real life than on your small phone screen.

There is nothing new about dieting or health that we haven’t heard before. But if you under 16 you may not have heard any of it. Mind you we think watching a TV series like ‘The Biggest Loser’ will teach you much more.

The games is targeted at ladies or girls since the graphics used to describe yourself are all female based! That said there is clearly a problem with the questions the game asks you – they are from a male prospective! The stress on using chocolate as a humorous line is frequent and disturbing. Our partners who tried the program thought it was quite silly overall and dismissed it as purely a game. There are a few serious errors too – like claiming sunless tanning is safe but not saying what type.

It’s missing a lot of health info like fat and nutritional content and showing only calorie values.  Implying that after 2 weeks you could look like her confirms that there is something quite wrong about the whole thing.

What we frown upon is the use of the AMA acronym. You see we thought that it was supported by the real AMA namely the American Medical Association or Australian Medical Association because it is promoting a a diet and health program. I’m quite sure the the lawyers will have something to say about that.

Nevertheless there are a few good things about the game namely showing you some simple exercises that you can do to burning so calories.  Also it is the first of this gaming genre we’ve seen.

The controls are simple and the graphics are quite good but there are better. Other than that it not bad ‘game’ just remember don’t take it seriously. Maybe you could use it as a motivation tool?


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