Best SIM free Mobile Phones

We’ve covered the cheapest pre-paid mobile phone deals in Aust so now its time to round up the cheapest mobile phones you can buy outright. We decided to write up our opinion on the best value phones because of the shift in purchasing and pricing patterns. It is now often cheaper to buy a new mobile phone outright, SIM free or unlocked rather than to get a standard contract plan or even pre-paid phone package.It is now quite easy to find decent cheap mobile phones that would meet most people’s needs!

There are some of us whose phones are EOL (aka dying) but still have ‘post-paid’ and now contract free – these initial network packages that are still very good value and not worth changing. For example those with lots of free network or call time. If you do not want to lose all those benefits then getting a cheap new and SIM free mobile phone is the answer. A SIM free or unlocked mobile phone or outright purchase means that it will work on any phone network.

We take into account looks and feel as well as design – afterall it may be a cheap phone but you still don’t want your friends to know that!  We also use a 1-2 year life cycle to determine which is the one! The lowest price we’ve seen does not mean that we can recommend it. A recommendation here has to be more than just cheap.

The following lists what we believe to be the cheapest and best value mobile phones you can buy sorted into various categories:

2014: Due to the very sudden shift in pricing and the entry of new brands and models it is very tough to recommend a particular phone for any length of time. As a result we are with holding any outright recommendations for the time being!