Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Secrets 4

The last post regarding starter Pokemon!

The final 2 places for you Pokemon team in our opinion are:

Onix is a rock type pokemon required for your adventure. We use it for the Rock smash and Rock climb and Strength HMs. Onix is easy to catch. Mind you you could also use Geodude but we prefer Onix. Once you get them you don’t have to level them up if you don’t want to they are just needed to progress to the various locations in the game.

The last place in the team we give to Ponyta. Now, there is nothing special about it until it evolves into Rapidash but we like to have a pure fire type in the group. There are lots of wild Pokemon encounters weak to fire types so that’s why we have it. Furthermore its the only fire you can get in the wild.

We leveled up and evolved all the pokemon to level 50 except for our Empoleon and Bronzong which we took to 70. Yes it is a bit tedious but we gave them rare candy which Pachirisu picked up quite often for some reason after it reached level 50. We pickup 50 or so before the elite 4 match. Speaking of which we didn’t give rare candies to the others until they reached level 50. Our Pachirisu also had a tendency to pick up rare candy, dusk and dawn stones very often in the caves. Mind you in each game the Pachirisu didn’t always do that. One of our Pach’s always picked up the largely useless Escape rope. We collect over 70 of them – you only need to keep 2 or 3 on hand.

So that’s our team!


It’s NOT the most effective team in the world but it will let you finish the game in a smart fashion.

For the next series of posts we will detail the moves and items we used.