Game Review – Survivor – Expedition Robinson

NAME: Survivor – Expedition Robinson
GENRE: TV mini games
RATING: 6/10

The premise: You play as one of the final 5 survivors, competing in various challenges for immunity and the respect of your tribe. It very much like the TV show except without the ability initiate alliances and scheming.

The game itself is like a set of mini challenges or games – 6 in all by winning allow you to progress in the game. The mini games are almost all 1 button affairs which is perfect for the mobile phone. Unfortunately the games aren’t really anything special most of them hit and miss affairs in terms of targeting.

Of note – On the spear throwing challenge you even get to see a statue of Zoy from Sumea’s other mascot game character.

Gameplay: It’s essentially a set of mini games with an over-arching story line set in the Survivor TV world. As mentioned previously mini games are mostly on button affairs which is perfect for a mobile phone although 2 of them require up and down keys.

Mini games consist of:
– catching fish with a net
– catching fish with a rod
– fire lighting memory game
– spear throwing
– guiding a raft down rapids
– walking on a log

Graphics are OK and sound is typical mobile phone game. There are no major problems with this game.

I found that it didn’t ‘suck me in’ with its design but I did find it quite fun. Suggestions for the next version include a feature to make alliances and better graphics and sound.


We rate this game a 6/10.

I am giving this mini Survivor game a good score mainly because for once a game based on a TV show or movie isn’t a total waste of time.

An entire game can be played within 10 minutes. Can be played by people in any age group.