Game Review – Sheep Mania Barn Yard Dash

NAME: Sheep Mania Barn Yard Dash
COMPANY: Progressive Media
GENRE: Sheep Racing
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Sheep Mania – Barn Yard Dash JAVA game review.

It is a racing game where the sheep are the ‘vehicles’ you’ll be racing.  They have names and different capabilities which you can also upgrade.  The racing involves a straight track and includes hay bales which you have to leap over.  It’s all presented in a farm scenario with various environment settings.

The gameplay involves pressing one button, so anyone can play without difficulty.  It works well apart from a slight delay which can ruin timing. (Could be the test phone) Either that or you need to press the button with more precision. Having to press the button to stop your sheep from being knocked out is annoying.  Consistent timing is required if you want to do well in this game.  The most annoying thing out this game is the farmer giving suggestions and unnecessary menus.

The graphics are cartoon like and very good. The animation on the main menu is 3D but the rest is presented in 2D.  It’s all done very well.  The sheep have different facial expressions to differentiate them and done very well.  The cartoon like running animation is funny.  So overall very good.    The sound is typical MIDI but its farm themed.

The game is really well made and thought out just got to fix that timing thing and menus and it would be perfect example of a mobile phone game. Entertaining and worth the download.