Game Review – Need For Speed ProStreet

Need For Speed ProStreet
NAME: Need For Speed ProStreet
COMPANY: Electronic Arts
GENRE: Car/Street Racing
SIZE: 291 KB
RATING: 7.5/10
DEMO: EA Games

Welcome to the Need For Speed ProStreet for mobiles game review. The Need for Speed series has been around over 10 years on the PC so the reputation is there. One of the better ones until the release of the Playstation based Grand Tourismo.

EA has done a great job in translating the latest Need For Speed game to the JAVA and the mobile phone. So much so that we can’t really say anything specifically negative about the way the game plays. The graphics are as good as any other 2D racing games the icons not too big or small, sound is limited as always…

The game has a quick race mode and a career mode which impressed us – because the file size was so small! It has the ability to customize your car with various performance additions and of course buy new cars. There are a number of different race courses to try out too!

The game controls are very simple for a game that allows you to drift and use Nitro boost – they used to call it turbo boost in the last decade! The auto accelerate is a great feature, it even as a drift button.

As for difficulty the game is perfect for beginners. First stages are really easy to get you started with although the course could have taken less time to complete – since it does require more concentration than the normal games. If anything we where disappointed that we only had $14,000 in cash to start with because the cheapest car to the career mode in costs $8,000. This is a mobile phone game guys it doesn’t need to be that realistic.

Overall a very good racing game but nothing really different to set it apart from any other good racing game. At least you won’t regret paying  for this one.