Game Review – Mafia Wars

Mon 21 May 2007

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NAME: Mafia Wars
GENRE: 3D 3rd person shooter
SIZE: 182 KB
RATING: 5/10

You play as ‘Joe’ a member of a Mafia family. Your task is to improve the status of the family and yourself by doing certain tasks. These tasks of course involve eliminating certain people. Completing each task will gain you and your family greater status.

Gameplay has 2 modes: Story mode and Last Man Standing mode. Story mode follows your rise through the ranks whilst Last man standing is to wipe out anything and everything. There are 7 levels of varying difficulty.

The most notable feature of this game is that the graphics are designed in 3-D. Not polygon 3D or real 3D but pseudo 3D. They have done a good job for a mobile phone. A bit cartoony in appearance that makes aiming at target and trying to see who’s shooting at you a bit a gamble.

There’s some witty dialogue but it has some themes which younger people don’t really need to know about. That said if you’re an adult its completely passe.


Each level takes a long time by mobile phone standards to complete.

The ‘bullets’ are too small to see properly.

There are aiming issues.


We rate this game a 5/10.

Mafia wars is a good attempt at making a 3D phone game. However there are a few things which make playing it annoying rather than entertaining.

This is not a younger persons game due to the obviously violent theme that resembles real people.


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