Game Review – Johnny Crash

NAME: Johnny Crash
GENRE: Action
SIZE: 133 KB
RATING: 9/10

Johnny Crash by Sumea – The premise of this game is you controlling a stunt man which has to perform various mid-air tricks.
You as Johnny gets shot out of a cannon and see how far you can fly before crash landing. You have to help him gain fame by also meeting various tasks.

What makes me recommend this game is that its one of a few that only requires the use of 1 button. Yep its a one button game ! Fantastic I’m sure many people are saying.

There’s 2 modes. The career mode and the high score mode. Career mode see you and Johnny attempt to gain fame by doing mid air tricks to impress an audience. High score sees you attempt to ‘fly’ the longest distance.

Game play: Johnny gets shot out a cannon that moves up and down.
There are different optimal angles which you have to shoot from. The cannon moves automatically so timing is essential. Whilst mid air you pres the button to make him flap his arms to adjust forward angle, up or down.
There is only a limited ‘strength’ so you can’t flap his arms all the time.

There are various tasks which involve getting hit by lightening to speed up and kites to help him fly higher.
There are also alien space ships to hit and helicopters and flocks of birds to run into. Fun and ridiculous at the same time.

There other hilarious part is the landing.
Some tasks involve crash landing into signs or shopping trolleys. Landing on the ground is just a funny too ! BTW you get points for how ‘spectacular your landing is.

It is not a difficult game to master, learning the best time to flap and timing the landing. Learning the controls is really easy with only one button to press. Perfect for a mobile phone.

There’s 12 levels titled:
Flying school
Kite gulide
Cloud encounter
Coffee and Donut
High profile Conference
Lost in Supermarket

Graphics are good with little action movements that are appropriate. IT may seem minimal at first but lets face it the sky isn’t filled with crap in real life.

Sound is standard midi is appropriate but not varied.

The save function doesn’t seem to work on the 8630 which is why we haven’t given it a perfect score.

That said this is a Sumea product so its difficult to tell if there is a save function at all.

I believe a new version is out – Johnny Crash Does Texas.


Johnny Crash is an entertaining game. It is simple yet difficult to master. You can pick it and play over and over. In fact I’m now refining my flying technique to beat the high scores.

I reckon its fairly close to the perfect mobile phone game. A must have game.