Animated Clocks – FAQ

This is the global FAQ for the clock based screensavers/wallpapers.

Note that we are removing all the software since not many people are interested.  However we may re-introduce them through various online stores! (Update 2010)

Minimum requirements

– You need a phone that has a screen size of 240 x 320 pixels.

– You need a phone that has Flashlite 2 or above installed on your phone.

– Many but not all Nokia phones made from 2007 have Flashlite 2 installed as standard.

– You need a Nokia S40 5th edition or higher mobile phone operating system.

– You need a Nokia S60 3rd edition Feature pack 1 or higher mobile phone operating system.

– They may work on other brands of phones – but we have not tried them yet.

Known problems

– on some S60 phones the clocks may have degraded images (This has now been fixed) – You will see this problem if you have an early version of a S60 based Nokia phone. Essentially S60 phones run the screensavers or power savers using the low image quality setting for some reason.  Running them as a stand alone application directly under Flashlite to see their true quality.

Send me the code

– Excuse me? If you can’t do a simple clock in a SWF format you have issues.