iPhone SE 2020 Review

Welcome to the iPhone SE 2020 review. We are reviewing it because we loved the original iPhone SE as it was a genuine value for money model even against other non Apple phones at the time. The US price is ‘low’ but else where in the world The iPhone SE is still expensive and clearly priced above the mid-range class that many self proclaimed reputable websites promote. We though long and hard about how honest we should write put the review, pander to the iPhone fans or anti-phones fans… So how good is the 2020 iPhone SE?

In terms of construction the iPhone SE 2020 is very good and is expected since it is an iPhone 8, which is in turn the same design as an iPhone 7 and 6. They aren’t completely identical with the 7 models onwards having a slightly curved screen on the edges.

In terms of hardware the iPhone SE 2020 uses similar internals from the iPhone 11 specially the CPU but the rest is slower spec. There is so much tech proclaimed in the display of the iPhone SE like Retina, True Tone, Dolby vision and HDR10 unfortunately it’s all wasted since it still can’t match a AMOLED display of say the cheaper Samsung A series phones for example. The CPU is state of the art but clearly needed to support the bloated OS which needs the extra cycles to power the interface. Benchmarks to the small minded apparently prove it’s the fastest but reality is it no different to the mid-range Snap Dragon SOC’s of cheaper phones like the Pixel3a. ¬†Benchmarks have but it’s petrol vs diesel. Limited memory and having to pay for Apple’s online storage is a bit of a running joke around here. Further more the battery is tiny so you will be recharging every night and once during the day if you actually use it.

In terms of use the iPhone SE 2020 is very good. They have refined the interface over the years and it shows. Unfortunately there are new complexities that other OS have had to deal with that make the latest OS even more complicated. For example we accidentally opened two browser windows and unable to close them. We also like to point out the masses of you tubers and proclaimed expert reviewers claiming the right pricing for outdated design, poor quality screen by class standards in 2020 albeit current CPU.  Note surprisingly heats up quite quickly even running the standard Pokemon GO. In these days of text messages rather than phone calls the microphone quality is poor but the speaker sound nice although muffled if you have less than perfect hearing.

As a side note we are so disappointed with these popular youtube self proclaimed tech review channels that are not tech people but presenters who tell you what you want to hear with minimal facts. Remember they complained about the Samsung OLED and didn’t bother to adjust the screen brightness or colour setttings rather complain about over saturation, so they actually even bother to do a proper review. In hindsight it is clear they are not proper reviews and iPhone fans since they don’t have any adjustment and claim ‘dark mode’ is the the solution. We don’t think so.

In conclusion the Apple iPhone SE 2020 is a very good iPhone at a cheaper price but it literally shows as soon as you turn it on. Only entry level phones have this sort quality. The bloated operating software is still slick but now requires the latest CPU to operate smoothly and hard to find settings is the biggest problems. At least it’s fast. Unfortunately it also doesn’t do anything different from a older iPhone so no progress. In the end the iPhone SE of 2020 is over hyped and not in the same value for money category as other phones, only when you compare it to other iPhones.

Specifications iPhone SE 2020

  • Network
    GSM 3G 4G LTE
  • Design
    Touch screen
  • L138.4 x W67.3 x D7.3 mm
  • Weight 148 grams
  • Display
    4.7 inch 1334 x 750 IPS LCD
  • Camera
    Main 12 MP LED Flash
    Selfie camera 7 MP
  • Video Camera
    1080 HD 30FPS main video camera
  • Connectivity
    Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, NFC
  • CPU
    A13 1.8 Ghz 6 Core
  • Memory
    3 Gig RAM
    Up to 64 GB for user or 128GB or 256GB
  • Features
    Finger printer sensor
    1821 mAh battery
    Up to 3 days standby
  • Price (RRP) history
    iPhone SE 2020: FROM $749 AUD April 2020 (Outright)