Game Review – Kingdom of Heaven

NAME: Kingdom of Heaven
GENRE: Forward scrolling shooter
SIZE: 182 KB
RATING: 3/10

After checking out various other movie based games I decided to try this one after even after sampling the Mr & Mrs Smith game.

Set in Jerusalem in 1186 you are Balian of Ibelin or Sibylla a princess of Jerusalem. The enemy are the Saracen army lead by Saladin.

It is the time of crusades where beliefs, honor, valor and your name meant something. The movie is a dramatization of actual historical events, although the movie even gets the name wrong it the first indication that it’s not going to be any good.

However the games premise is nothing like the movie except perhaps in spirit.
You control … who has to find and lead his town folk to safety.

It’s obviously a blatant movie/game franchise tie-in that was also a flop.

You basically walk around town picking up citizens and leading them to safety.
Sure you have to avoid fireballs and arrows, but its not exactly difficult.

You eventually get water and ram tools but the game still doesn’t get any better.

The game essentially a lemmings remake at the core – without the cute lemmings of course.

I can’t really say much about this game because its pretty bad. I didn’t bother after the third level in the hope that it would get better.


We rate this game a 3/10.

We can’t recommend this game to anyone except those who are fans of the movie and perhaps on younger children – but not for very long.

Even judged soley as a mobile phone games it just missing that IT factor.

Not a total loss but fairly close.