Game Review – Johnny Crash Does Texas

Johnny Crash Does Texas
NAME: Johnny Crash Does Texas
VERSION: 1.0.2
COMPANY: Digital Chocolate
GENRE: Action
SIZE:  200KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 8/10

Welcome to the Johnny Crash Does Texas mobile phone game review. As you can guess it is the sequel to the original Johnny Crash game, which we rate as a benchmark game. We had high expectations when we got it!

We noted that the game was released by Digital Chocolate although developed by Sumea who developed the first game. Judging from the website they where bought out.

The scenery is set in a Texas desert as opposed to a city in the original version. The graphic quality has been improved slightly although you wouldn’t really notice if not familiar with the original. The music is still industry standard for these sort of game – limited.

As far a playability goes the one button game play still works as good as ever and game speed is perfect.
The story line has changed to a Texas theme which means a different set of tasks to accomplish to open up new levels. There is now an in game distance and height balloon that tells you that the target is coming up. However even with the indicator thing the game is still enough of a challenge to keep you interested.

Overall we still loved the game. It is just as good as the original. However we couldn’t give it the same score as not enough enhancement has been done. Perhaps better in game SFX or even better graphics would have been nice. Check out out original game review for more info.