The state of the smart phone market after the Samsung Galaxy Fold II

The Smartphone market is pretty boring at the time of this post. So much so that we can’t be bothered putting up new reviews.

Why is it boring? The US has stopped Google licensing Android to Chinese manufacturers specifically Huawei and that means that they need to develop their own operating system.Competition is great but let’s face it the company doesn’t have the creative ¬†thinking to do it and of course the hidden Government interference.

Apple iPhone development has stagnated as they focus on providing services to exisiting customers. At least they’ve stopped suing people claiming patent infringements on rounded icons and metal slabs. Apple used to genuinely improve other people technology either by copying or buying them out but clearly that activity is now hidden in shareholders reports and hidden. It’s there own fault really not listening to customers but instead their fan base and shouts down any criticism that would have improved the product.

The Gaxlay Fold is the most talked about phone on the market at the moment. It’s innovative and unique however it clearly has problems. A company like Samsung has clearly shown that it has the tech and knowledge but shows how difficult it really is to design and make a new type of phone. They do deserve acknowledgement currently missing from ¬†‘influencers’ which have likewise succumbed to mediocrity and blatant bias just to keep up the number of visits and views.

Android is still the most flexible system on the market and the best value. Apple iOS is still the dictatorship of the OS world and still needs to sell on brand rather than substance, compared to Android phones. There are no challengers which is a problem and why we will be taking this website off into a different direction and focus by the end of the year!