Telstra Flip 2 – Telstra T21 Review


Welcome to the Telstra Flip 2 or T21 mobile phone review. This is a regular flip phone or clam shell phone running custom version of a non descript OS and hardware for Telstra. (It’s made by ZTE) The Flip 2 is for those who only need or want basic essentially voice based communications or perhaps notifications. Yes, there are many people who do not want the full smartphone experience for various reasons. Recommended retail pricing of the Telstra Flip 2 – T21 is $99 but only as a pre-paid.

In terms of construction the Telstra Flip 2 or T21 is like any other plastic flip phone. The quality of the plastic looks easily scratched as it is glossy plastic. The flip hinge moves smoothy and gives the impression that it will last a very long time. When closed the clam shell looks like a small make up kit although a little thick and not particularly high end. The main reason for this is that it does not have an additional screen on the cover when closed. When open the keypad actually feels good to press but no more than any other keyed phone in 2017. However overall that’s really not much to describe as there it looks just like a nondescript plastic thing that feels reasonably nice to hold.

In terms of hardware inside the Telstra Flip 2 is essentially a downgrade for the older Telstra T4 of the original model for the most part. The most glaring downgrade is the small screen that has a lower resolution. The screen size appears smaller too as there is a huge bezel around the screen. The best thing about the Flip 2 is that you can use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot but only if you plug it into a computer. It boasts a 1.1 Ghz CPU unfortunately it doesn’t run like run see below. There is a camera included for video calls and quality seemed OK for the price aka a bit low res.

In terms of use the Telstra Flip 2 is a trip back to the old days aka 10 years ago. There is not much to write about except for the decent web browser but hampered by the low specs even if it breaks the 1Ghz CPU benchmark. The menus work quickly but there are pauses when running apps. The pauses was a surprise since even an old Nokia handset didn’t have them. There are also no games included in the phone.

To conclude the Telstra Flip 2 is an entry level flip phone. It covers the basics like text, talk and some email through the web browser nothing more. There are much better entry level phones for the same price. Speaking of price the Flip2 sells at a $99 retail price, is too expensive for this level of functionality. Where is the new Nokia 3310?


  • Telstra Flip 2 or Telstra T21
  • Network
    Dual-band 3G 850/2100 Mhz
    Dual-band GSM 900/1800 MHz
    4G – 4 common bands
  • Design
    L105 x W52 x D18.6 mm
    Weight 110 grams
  • Display/s
    Internal TFT 240 x 320 2.4 inch screen
  • Camera
    Dual cameras
    2MP main camera
    0.2MP video call camera
  • CPU 1.1 Ghz
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth V4.1
  • Memory
    724MB internal memory
  • Ring tones
    MP3, MMF, MIDI, Vibration etc..
  • Features
    Plug for external antenna
    Speaker Phone/Hands free
    Customizable backgrounds
    Web browser (Chrome)
    Video calling
    Voice memos
    Calendar, Calculator, Stop watch, timer
    240 Hrs Standby,
    11 Hours Talk Time
    1000mAh Li-Ion
  • Price history
    2017 Approx $99 Pre-paid