Sony Ericsson models for 2007

It may seem too late to comment on Sony Ericsson’s mobile phone range but if you think about it all their 2007 models will be the most common models that will be sold this year (2008).

2007 was a very ordinary year for the phone manufacturer.  It’s easy to see why.  The only shining light in their range was the k800 which was the halo model due to a starring or should we say product placement in the Jame Bond movie Casino Royale of 2006.   It was a genuinely good phone so much so that at least 2 of us had one during the year.  It probably did well too because everyone had a Nokia before and switching brands to try different models have always appealled to the majority of mobile phone users.

Well, lets face it almost everyone has a Nokia of some sort and Sony Ericsson managed to tap into the ‘be different’ set with it range.   No-one wants to have the same phone as your friends. However Sony’s break didn’t last long.  They failed to update their range with the latest features the quality of designs and their materials just fell into a black hole.

In terms of hardware Sony Ericsson models often lack 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS capabilities.  Even worse they use the rare Memory Stick M2 which is hard to find adapters for.  They so use and will continue to use propriety connectors. Their designs try to be different but are let down in the quality of materials.  Sony products used to have the best look, quality and feel.  See the k800 replacement the k850 – what a shocker.   The only saving grace is the W890 and perhaps the W910.

In terms of software they come with all you need for calls and text messaging. Their web browser is very basic due to  their lack of 3G capable models. Customisation of the interface is also limited. Sony Ericsson phones mainly use UIQ or Symbian based OS and because they don’t offer state of the art functionality but they are very stable phones.  Standout models are their Walkman branded model are the best sounding mobiles around.  Also their Cyber-shot branded models have arguably the best mobile phone camera and picture quality.

So for 2007 we can summarise by saying that Sony Ericssion mobile phones are good and stable but lack state of the art design or functionality.