Samsung SGH-A411 SGH-A412 Review

Welcome to the review of the Samsung A411 and A412 mobile phone. We’ve had other Samsung mobiles before but there was nothing really worth writing up. However since we now use one might as well do a quick review.

The A411 and A412 are rare phones because they are designed for poorer markets and for the 850Mhz 3G networks. This frequency is still not very common 2008. Being 3G it also has HSDPA so capable of high download speeds. It is also a tri-band GSM phone so allows for virtually complete roaming capabilities.  However since it does not have the 3G at the 2100Mhz frequency global mobile internet is possible.

The A412 is positioned as a basic 3G mobile so you don’t get many surprising features but still get a few goodies. One of which is Bluetooth connectivity.

Samsung phones are very noisy! Yep Samsung mobiles differentiate themselves from the rest by being able to selectable key tones and bright graphics and keypad light control. They are useful and also amusing features. You may get tired of them…

The phones works very well, it is speedy BUT due to the animated effects feels sluggish. The interface is very good, it would do better on a higher resolution screen though.

The main functions of Contacts features basic features so no addresses but you can store emails addresses, Calendar functionality include anniversary and repeating events and a few others. There is even a notes application.

Physically it has the usual soft touch-ish plasticky feel but not as bad as the ZTE, it’s logical competitors. The keypad and other keys actually look good but are cheap in feel but at least they are large and work well. Infinitely better than say the ZTE models.

Call quality and network reception is very good they definitely haven’t added new towers in our area so it’s definitely one of the better cheap mobile phones.

The internal screen is nice and large but low resolution and relative small 65,000 colour range. Mind you other mobiles in the price range have similar specs. The external screen is handy but because it goes complete black you can’t see what is being displayed unless the back light is on. The external screen is only black and white too. A bonus feature is an old style roman clock you can select as the display!

Camera quality is very average so don’t bother getting it for the camera.

Flaws include a C key which is directly under the down navigation button and too easy to press by accident  the lack of AM/FM radio and propriety connector for headphones and charging. With everyone moving to the standard micro USB and standard headphone socket this will need to be rectified.

In the end it’s a good basic 3G capable phone in a clam shell design. It does voice calls and SMS well. Definitely a good start if you can’t afford any better.

(When comparing it to the ZTE 256 vs ZTE 156 the Samsung wins because it has quite a few more features for the same price.)


Manufacturer : Samsung
Model : SGH A411 and 412
OS: Samsung
Network : Tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz)
Design: Clam shell
48.5mm W x 95mm L x 1.95mm D
88 grams
Display/s : 16Million 24-bit colour TFT – 320 x 240 pixels
Internal 65K colours 128×160 pixels 2 inches
External Technology Black and White 96×96 pixels 1 inch
Main Video/Still Camera : up to 640×480
Video capable MP4, H.263
Connectivity : Bluetooth, USB
Memory : 54 MB internal memory
Ring tones : AAC, AAC+, MP3, MP4, MIDI Tones (poly 64)
Modem for PC
Web browser
Mono Speaker Phone/Hands free
Speed : Vs Nokia 6230
Navigation 8/10
Battery Life : BP-5M 3.7V 900 mAh
Claimed operating times:
Standard Samsung battery
Stand-by of 410 hours
Talk time of 5.5 hours
Sample camera :