Samsung Omina 7 Review


Welcome to the 2011 Samsung Omina 7 review. The Samsung Omina 7 or i8700 was a top range mobile phone that was released late 2010 as a part of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 initial partner launch. As we write this review other websites report that the market is wary of accepting the latest mobile phones with the Windows brand on the case.  We can understand the very low take up for quite a number of reasons but won’t dwell on that in this review!

As we’ve said before the latest version of Windows Mobile 7 is very impressive. In comparison Windows mobile 7 makes Android 2.x versions feel fussy and even the iPhone interface feel old.  We love the flashy transitions and information icons because they look and feel more like the systems we see on TV and in the movies. With the hardware restrictions Microsoft have imposed on the manufacturers mean that you should be getting the same look and feel.  However there are differences that set them apart.

Build quality of the Omina 7 is also very good and it is a solid phone that does not break any styling or material standards.  The entire phone seems dated in particular the rear design in particular is just not 2010.  Since the rear does open up but lacks an extra memory slot is just pathetic.  Admittedly the standard 8Gig memory is quite a lot of space but the lack of the extra slot is simply not good enough. In the hand the phone is nice to hold but does not have the bespoke feel of the segment leader the iPhone.

The camera picture quality is OK but like all mobile phones not as good a 2010 model cheap digital camera.  Likewise the video quality looks good on the small screen but not on a PC. The results are not surprising and enough for candid photos on the run.

Like all the latest Windows Mobile 7 based phones the Omina 7 has all that you need to use for calls, SMS, emails, Facebook, Twitter, News, Weather and web browsing. Sure it can’t do FLASH websites and there are still very few truly interesting Apps to download and missing simple things like a file manager limited codec support for videos (video format like flv that even the ancient Nokia E71 can play without any problems), a standard GPS application that does not require an internet connect, cut and paste etc… are shortfalls of the operating system. However like Apple we are sure they’ll be there in the next version – but is it too late.

We like still Windows Mobile 7 despite its short comings and often feel that it has potential but still work in progress, we also like the hardware in most parts.  We are sure that future upgrades to the OS will include the missing features although the lack of microSD card slot is unforgivable.  But for now the major let down is the hardware manufacturers, namely LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson.  Why? The flashy interface looks and feels great but the physical design of the phone is so unattractive. Surely it wouldn’t cost much more to have someone design one that looks like a decent high end phone?

So in the end the Samsung Omina 7 is slightly better than the HTC 7 Mozart because the interface feels that little bit faster, the screen is also sharper and brighter.  We did not notice this until they where side by side.  However the Mozart feels better due to a nicer aluminum back and dual tone construction. In isolation the Omina 7 is a very good phone and one you should definitely consider if shopping at this end of the market.


  • Samsung Omina 7 i8700
  • Network
    Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    Dual-band 3G 850/900/1900/2100 (Dependent on country)
    HSDPA 7.2 Mbps data speed (download)
    HSUPA 5.7 Mbps (upload)
  • Design
    Touch screen
  • L122 x W64 x D11 mm
  • Weight 138 grams
  • Display/s
    4 inch External AMOLED 480 x 800
  • Camera
    LED Flash
  • Video Camera
    720 HD pixel main video camera
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth V2.1
  • CPU
  • Memory
    Up to 8 Gig on board
  • Ring tones
    MIDI, MP3, Video, vibration and others
  • Features
    MS-Word, Excel and Powerpoint
    Windows Mobile Store for Apps
    Proximity Ambient Light
    Music and Media player
    SMS, MMS, IM, Email
    FM radio with RDS
    Speaker Phone/Hands free
    Li-Po 15000mAh battery
    Up to 390 hours Standby
    Up to 6 hours Talk Time
  • Price history
    Approx $850 AUS 2011 (Outright)