Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Secrets 3

This post details the basic team to complete Pokemon diamond and pearl series without too many problems.

We chose easy to catch regular Pokemon team that require no trading or prior games.

Which is the best starter Pokemon?

We liked Piplup because when we completed the game with it was easier than the other Turtwig or Chimchar. Its final evolution into Empoleon which is water and steel type means it sturdy against physical and physic moves and water protects its against steels weakness to fire moves. It only has issues with electric moves, but considering that there’s only 2 main electric types in the game its not a great problem. One other bonus is that it can learn the Surf or Waterfall HM moves which means you don’t need to carry additional Pokemon. Very useful since there are lots on caves and ground types in this game.

Which are the best starter Pokemon team?
Starly which evolves into Staraptor is essential as its the only flying type you can get easily in the game. You need to teach it Fly and Defog to complete the game. Mind you Defog is a pretty useless combat move.. It can also learn the close combat move which makes cave crawling an easier task.

Bronzor which evolves into Bronzong is a really good one to get as well. It’s a steel and physic type which is very handy. Steel more than compensates for the physic type flaws. However you have to selective about this one. It has 2 different characteristics – it comes with levitate or heatproof. I prefer heat proof as it renders fire moves, its only true weakness to minimal damage. The only moves truly effective against this Pokemon with the heat proof ability are earthquake or magnitude, which you rarely encounter. What’s more it really handy with hypnosis, physic, confuse ray moves for catching legendaries that are in the game.

Pachirisu is another essential team member since it’s one of 2 electric types you can get. It also has the pickup ability which is useful for getting bonus items through the game. The higher the level it is the better items it collects. It’s a fast one too which helps in battles. It is also one of the few that can enter the Hearthome garden which you can pick up even more items for free. One more thing it is one for the few that can be taught the Cut HM early in the game.

We’ll discuss the final 2 members of a basic Pokemon team in the next post!