Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Secrets 2

You will need some basic pokemon in your party to train with HMs. So the recommended set of Pokemon for beginners are:

Starter pokemon given to you by Prof Rowan. Any of the 3 are fine.

Next Buziel or it’s evolution Floatzel needed a one to handle the HMs Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Smash.  Mind you we prefer another solution – see the post on our recommended starter team.

Next A Starly or its evolutions Staravia, Staraptor to handle the HM Fly, Defog.

The final HM Cut in my opinion can be given to Pachirisu with the Pick-up ability. Why? its an electric pokemon that pickups a variety of useful items after a Pokemon battle. Futhermore there aren’t many Electric types in DP. Sure its not the most powerful but worth leveling esp for its speed and special defense.

You won’t need these HM pokemon except for these move so it’s be up to you whether you want to level them up further or just keep them in your party for these moves.