Nokia Web Browser 2007

Nokia’s web browser for the N and E series of phones is the best! Why?

Safari on the iTouch and iPhone are very good at displaying web content but they are not Flash capable. Furthermore they don’t allow data input for online applications, in particular BLOG based sites.

Yes Safari for the iPhone is the best for browsing but that’s it.

The Nokia S60 browser for 2007 is better than Safari. Nokia’s browser is great because it does a good job on displaying real web pages AND works with most online BLOG software. Most of all even, highly customised PHP and AJAX sites almost work perfectly,

With Safari, while I can log into BLOGs editing of fields is never allowed.

Yes, the Nokia web browser allows you to log in and edit WordPress BLOGs over a a wireless connection. In fact I used the browser via a 3G connection to edit various parts of this website! It works even better when you use Wi-Fi. (I use a Nokia E61i)

Admittedly the display of the input fields can make editing a hit or miss on smaller screens, the fact that it allows you write and edit posts is a very good start. Hopefully the 2008 version will be even better.

I understand Nokia’s 2008 Web browser that comes with the S60 3rd Edtion Feature Pack 1 & 2 mobile phones can even display Flash as per normal web browsers. (Confirmed with the latest review of the E71!)