Nokia 6600 Fold Review

Welcome to the Nokia 6600 Fold review. The 6600 was release in late 2008 and is only vaguely related to the 6600i model. Initially a mid-range model it is now by 2010 it has become a bargain standard model.

Construction is solid and glassy plastic with metal accents so looks better in real life then in pictures.  The curves on the phone make it look smaller than its already small size if you get the drift.  Honestly looks and feels good and will not embarrass.  We like flip phones or clamshells because they don’t need extra or excessive external protective covers.  You can put it in your pocket and know that the screen and keypad will still look good and work.

Firstly the 6600 is now a cheap GSM and 3G capable mobile phone.  I dare say one of the best deals out there, for a regular phone. It comes with a lot of software and hardware features like a bright OLED screens, 2 web browsers, Nokia Maps, camera with a flash, a another video call camera, good build quality and the ease of use.  Being 3G capable you can get data at decent download speeds and the Opera web browser means that even full websites can be viewed properly.

Since it is S40 based it will run all our software as an animated wallpaper or screensaver we can naturally recommend it then!  It doesn’t have much on board memory for new apps BUT since you can use microSD cards you should be fine  Despite having the older Nokia maps software the 6600 does not have a built in GPS hardware so you’ll need an external module for true navigation.

Using the phone is typically Nokia easy and fast, helped by being about to customize just about anything related to the user menus and of course ring tones and icons.  The larger keypad works well and we prefer it to slider phones.  We also thought the call quality was better than the 6500 which we current test software on.  We can also add that the signal reception is also very good – better than the 6500.

Overall a very decent but standard phone for voice and video calls, SMS and catching up on Facebook and emails.  See the price history below. Sure its not as good value as the Nokia E63 but the very few are (network locked).  So if you want good flip phone the 6600 Fold is the one to get.  Purchase it outright and happiness will be long term.


  • Nokia 6600 Fold
  • Network
    Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    Dual-band 3G 850/2100
  • Design
    Flip phone
  • L87.7 x W44 x D15.9 mm
    Weight 110 grams
  • Display/s
    Internal OLED TFT 240 x 320
    External OLED TFT 160 x 128
  • Camera
  • Video Camera
    640 x 480 pixel @ 15FPS
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth V2
  • CPU
  • Memory
    Up to 15MB available to user
    4Gig micro-SD card slot
  • Ring tones
    MIDI, MP3, Video, vibration and others
  • Features
    Music and Media player
    SMS, MMS, IM, Email
    JAVA MIDP 2.0
    FM radio with RDS
    Speaker Phone/Hands free
    USB charging
    BL-4CT 3.7V 860mAh
    Up to 12 days Standby
    Up to 4 hours Talk Time
  • Price history
    Approx $159 AUS 2010 (Outright)