Motorola models for 2007

This is the next part in a series of reviews on the major mobile manufactuers for the 2007 range. Motorola mobiles where the top of the heap in the 90’s. Unfortunately it has been largely down hill from then.

For 2007/2008 Motorola finally released the V8 and V9 handsets, the so called next generation to the very popular V3 series of models. Indeed if you’ve ever used them they are amazingly designed to look at and feel. Aside from the physical aspects the phone’s screen quality and calling sound quality are top spec. You’ll probably see lots of them once the price goes down a bit.

However it all falls down when you start using the interface. The graphics even when customized by the various networks carriers look basic and down market. Sure most models work quickly but the lack of logical setting menus and the ability to customize the interface are limited or non-existent.

Aside from these 2 models the only other models with any interest is the Q9 a Blackberry like and Windows Mobile based device and the new Z series of sliding handsets.  Since we haven’t tried the new Z series we can’t comment.

To sum up 2008 is not going to be a good year for the maker. The competition is fierce, although none have a equally stylish flip phone. Motorola hardware is state of the art, they really need to improve the OS and to offer more functionality and more customization and software developer friendly phones. As a manufacturer all their phones work best as voice only models.