LG G Watch R vs Motorola 360 Comparison

LG G watch vs Motorola 360

Plenty of reviews out there so here’s our own addition to the LG G Watch R vs Motorola 360 comparison and review. We’re comparing the two purely because they are the only decent circular or round smartwatches you can buy.  Needless to say that we prefer the LG watch because we bought one over the Motorola 360 (see prior review). Both are great 1st generation round smart watches!

We feel that aesthetics first and functionality second are the key features that will make you decide which one is better suited on your wrist. Hardware specifications are considered separately most probably don’t care as long as it works well. Needless to day that the LG G Watch R is the hardware winner – surprisingly. We also prefer the completely round screen rather than the flat tire effect on the Moto 360.

In terms of design the LG G watch R looks good hiding its size very well.There plenty of regular quartz, G-Shocks and mechanical watches bigger that the LG.  Where as the Motorola 360 due to the completely round body doesn’t hide it’s size so well but still its not as big as some other regular watches mentioned above. The different body colours and metal band options of the Moto 360 are a nice touch and well worth getting!

In terms of use the LG has a better screen and one that works in dimmed mode most of the time without draining the battery it is also smoother to use (thanks to the new CPU) than the Moto 360. Since they run the same OS the functionality is the same. Both have a multitude of watch faces you can change at any time which makes them so cool!

Both feature Heart rate monitors and sensors to measure steps which make them good replacements for regular health monitors like lower spec Fitbit etc..

LG G Watch R Motorola 360
Operating system Andriod Wear Android Wear
Display/Screen 1.3 inch 320 x 320 pixels OLED 1.5 inch 320 x 290 pixels LCD
CPU 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon 400 1.2 GhzTI OMAP3630
Battery 410mAh  320mAh
Memory  4GB/512 RAM  4GB/512 RAM
Connectivity  Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0
Size  46.4 x 53.6 x 9.7 mm  46 x 11.5 mm
Weight  62 grams  49 grams
Sensors Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass/
Heart rate/Microphone/
Heart rate/Microphone
Features IP67 – Dust and water resist  IP67 – Dust and water resist
 Requirements  Any Android device running 4.3 Any Android device running 4.3