Games Review – Street Fighter II

Street Fighter 2
NAME: Street Fighter II
VERSION: 1.2.5
GENRE: Fighting 2vs2
RATING: 9/10

Welcome to the Street Fighter II Java game review.  They as its not a remake but more a port of the benchmark arcade game from the 1980’s. We haven’t been impressed with many ‘remakes’ so did not expect too much.

The game is in a 2 vs 2 fighting format. You pick the fighter you want to use and battle a roster of other fighters.

Gameplay matches the original and the game speed and responsiveness is very good almost like the arcade version. In fact I would say that its the most responsive action game we’ve played for a little while.

Technical features include volume control and difficulty – excellent options since its on a difficult to press in a rush mobile phone.  The difficulty settings can make things reasonably easy or very hard.

Graphics are also true to the original which although cartoon like works very well.  Music is typical MIDI but there are sufficient variation and quality we think to make it rise above the others.  Unfortunately there are not any SFX for the punches or special moves.

Overall a great fighting game.  We haven’t played anything of this quality before so a benchmark for the time being.  Admittedly if you’re not into fighting games the repetition may bore you quickly.