Game Review – Watchmen

Watchmen Mobile Game
NAME: Watchmen
VERSION: 1.0.1
GENRE: Action/Movie
SIZE: 626 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 9/10

Welcome to our Watchmen game (Java version) review.

The Watchmen was refreshing because I’ve never heard of the comic series before.  It’s nice to experience something completely unknown.  Furthermore the movie based on the series will be out by mid 2009.

Glu games are generally some of the best and although at first glance at the game’s application icon didn’t look too interesting we where slowly impressed from the opening credits!  It doesn’t take much effort to produce high quality graphics for introductions thankfully Glu have for the most part.

I can’t tell you the entire story line because I haven’t finished the game or seen the movie at the time of writing so you’ll have to visit later for more details…  However you start off playing the character of Nite Owl!  The tutorial is quite good showing you that there are a ton of ‘weapon’ moves. You get to play new characters (eg. Comedian) as the games progresses each with their own regular and special moves.

Gameplay and controls are simple or difficult depending on how you want to play it.  Just use the direction keys and the center button if you want OR if you want the special moves try the other keys!  I won’t give too much away needless to say being able to punch enemies, throw them around or use your boomerang thing or the ultimate area destruction weapon is new to me and very well done.

Graphics are generally 3D like but if you look closely just 2D with shading effects.  They are very good and 3D would not have helped since your character Nite Owl after all he  is animated very nicely.  Ie. moving cape and good character movement. It’s the best I’ve seen to date.

Likewsie the background graphics are really nicely done too! Cut scenes that progress the story are made in the same way and looks great. The quality of graphics are mostly pin sharp – or maybe the screen on the test Nokia 6500 is just very good – whatever!  Quality graphics that’s for sure.  The BGM is decent but like all mobile games gets repetitive.  No sound effects though…

There is only one issue we have that is directed to the 6500 and that the game needs a fast CPU to work properly.

Conclusion: We enjoyed this game. Very entertaining beat’em up game in the vein of the old Arcade versions of Street Fighter.  It is better than the latest super hero games released recently (late 2008) eg. Batman, Batman and Superman, Hellboy etc.. Very nice graphics – cool moves decent story line so far.  Really well done.  I think it’s a benchmark game…