Game Review – Transformers

NAME: Transformers
COMPANY: Glu, Hasbro
GENRE: Movie/Cartoon tie in platformer
SIZE: 120 KB
RATING: 9/10

In line with the forth coming real-action movie (2007) welcome to the game review of The Transformers by Glu.

We remember when they where all the rage in the 1980’s but dropped off the scene when it went cable. There where many subsequent TV series after the original and all added to the Transformer universe. This year we will see a proper movie based on these characters and this game has been released to promote the soon to be released film.

There have been many attempts to make a video game based on the series but none to date have been memorable. So when we finally downloaded the latest version we didn’t expect very much. (Also bearing in mind that past movie based games have by far been the most disappointing releases.)

We where surprised when we started the game. Glu have done a very good job! Very 2007. The graphics and images are all top of the class for the introductions and in-game narration of the various chapters. Actual game character/s are animated really well transforming from vehicle to person mode are a nice touch. The ‘breathing’ action when standing still is certainly a novelty. When we saw the Transformer movie trailers we understood why the graphics where so detailed.

Gameplay was the standard platformer but the production quality of the action was excellent. You can jump up and down transform into vehicle mode and ram into things and so forth. That said although excellent for a mobile phone game its still not as good as say the benchmarked Gameboy titles by Nintendo. I would expect releases on other platforms like the PSP and DS by be even better.

The in game story is integrated with the various levels the difficulty progresses nicely throughout the game. Game saving is automatic as you clear each level.


Overall we think this is a very good game. Sure the platform style is old hat but the production quality and story line are engaging.