Game Review – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
NAME: The Dark Knight
GENRE: Movie based platformer
SIZE:  530KB
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to The Dark Knight java game review. It’s a game based on the Batman – The Dark Knight movie story line.

The game is in a platformer style so it involves jumping, hitting things with the bat-arang, and rope.  As we all known Batman does not use outright weapons that kill!

We played this after the Watchmen game also by GLU so expected a similar experience.  In that frame of mind we where expecting at least similar experience.

Menu graphics are great – detailed and stylish in a Batman way.  The in game graphics very good 2D with a detailed background.  The animated Batman is detailed and clear likewise his enemies are detailed but seem like clones.  In game SFX and music in typical MIDI tracks.  Technically the game works well and no programming glitches to ruin the experience.

Gameplay is good with helper icons when you need it.  There are not many moves you can get Batman to do but they are done very well.  We liked the 2 part black out move.  There are numerous levels all quite entertaining although felt flat overall.

Problems include slow load time and the last enemy – the Joker at the end. The ultimate boss battle was fiddly to play through.

Overall a good game and worth getting.  It’s easy to play each level on the train or bus but there is not much replay value.