Game Review – Star Trek (Mobile)


NAME: Star Trek (Mobile)
GENRE: Movie space shooter
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 8/10

Welcome to the Star Trek mobile game review.  It’s game based on the movie but has got nothing to do with the story line from the movie – any of the past 10 movies.  It is essentially a top down scroller shoot them all game.

The game’s premise is set during conflict with the Klingons/Romulans and others (which we haven’t got up to yet)  for every ‘time period’ in the Star Trek universe.  Every enemy is a different variation of space craft. So its not for purist Trekkie fans.  The game has various comments and status reports with pictures of the various actors from the new 2009 movie.  This leads us to the conclusion that it was probably originally designed for any of the Star Trek series.

The games involves achieving various tasks like shooting 80% of enemies or avoiding all asteroids and so forth.  Completing each task will mean that you’ll get an equipment upgrade point.  The enemy numbers are outrageous and so are the powerups.  A ‘1942’ game set in the Star Trek universe. The difficulty level rises accordingly – so you’re very busy avoiding other weapons fire and obstacles.  The game speed probably needs to be slowed down a fraction.

Visually the game uses 2D effectively.  Lots of tractor beams, phasers and disrupters and proton torpedoes shields flashes and explosions.  Looks good even on the relatively low resolution screen.  The iPhone/iTouch versions are much more impressive though.

The games sounds seem more like WAV or MP3 rather than MIDI.  The quality is very poor.  In fact the worst we’ve heard for a long time.

Conclusion: We enjoyed game but it is seemingly a rush job since it would be very easy to replace the character images with any from the TV series.  Indeed it wouldn’t would take much to replace all the Star Trek images with say Star Wars or any other movie that was space themed.  Anyway it is highly unrealistic but fun.  The collision detection is probably the best we’ve seen.  Worth getting and more fun than the other ‘1942’ style clones.