Game Review – No Limit Casino 12 Pack

No Limit Casino 12 Pack screen shot 2
NAME: No-Limit Casino 12 Pack
VERSION: 1.0.16
COMPANY: Gamesloft developed by Sumea
GENRE: Casino games
SIZE: 880 KB
RATING: 9/10

This game is essentially a Casino on your mobile phone. All the popular games are there: Poker machines, card poker, Roulette,Black Jack. However all presented as challenges such as winning 10 jackpot machince games or getting black jack 10 time and so forth. Despite all that you can still play individual games if you wish and ignore the challenges.

Added twists to increase longevity include a 7 level player ranking system, from Beginner to Master then ??. Needless to say we haven’t found out what the ?? level is yet. It’s not too difficult it just takes time.

That said you need to increase your player ranking to make the game harder. We think only the die hards will attempt to unlock all the levels. We are quite happy with the beginner level – purely for the increased chances of winning. There are also nice cash bonuses when you complete the various challenges.

It even has a few card based trivia games. Very useful if you want to learn the lingo and when to lose in Black Jack! For example whether you should buy insurance when the dealer has an Ace? Or Does a natural black jack have an Ace?

Game controls are reasonably ease to learn just the direction keys and center button. Naturally with Roulette there’s a few extra steps but worth while learning. Just be careful with how much money you have. Music is unique to the game but sound effects are standard Digital Chocolate or Sumea including a few from their other games so it’s not bad.

Graphics are up to date with sparkles and a moving card waterfall background are nice touches. The Roulette table we feel is very nicely done.

The ‘No Limit’ tag is not exactly true since there are limits to how much virtual dollars you can bet on a single game – it’s more to do with the ‘No Limit’ series!

Overall a great little casino game. One that you can pick up and put down easily anywhere you are. Is it a must have game or classic – not sure BUT it is one of the best Casino games out there.