Game Review – Mr & Mrs Smith

NAME: Mr & Mrs Smith
COMPANY: Sorrent
GENRE: Forward scrolling shooter
SIZE: 131 KB
RATING: 1/10

As per its title the game is based on the movie. But like the other movie based games I’ve tried it has problems and is quite different in premise.

Its a first person shooter game and you play as either Mr or Mrs Smith. The game instructions claim there’s noticeable a difference in characteristics. However the only difference I noticed where the weapons available.

Gameplay consists of looking at people walking or running along a street and hoping to shoot the right target. You can switch between ‘target scope’ view and normal view.

Good concept but it implementation is a shocker in a bad way!

It’s difficult if not impossible to aim correctly.

The graphics are too small even in scope view.

It is just not entertaining no matter how open minded you are.


We rate this game a 1/10.

I liked the movie itself but This game is really bad. Avoid regardless of cost.

Only gave it a 1 because it could be used as a screen saver.