Game Review – Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon
NAME: Monopoly Tycoon
VERSION: 0.0.5
COMPANY: Mforma Group
GENRE: Board game
SIZE: 291 KB
TEST PHONE: Sony Ericsson K800i
RATING: 7.5/10

Welcome to the review of Monopoly Tycoon for JAVA. Although we enjoy the physical Monopoly board game we have never enjoyed the mobile version -because it doesn’t well to the small mobile phone screen. So When Monopoly Tycoon was released we happy to give it go.

Tycoon is a really simple game to get into. We where hooked after the first game. It is not like the regular Monoploy game but an extension. Essentially you are micro managing the streets that you have bought with businesses and hotels.

Game play is turn based. One turn to buy and another to build and another to manage. The situation for each street changes so building the right type of buildings and businesses will win you the game. There are 5 game types so you won’t get bored for a little while. All are challenging and open ended. Money management is key in this game so watch how much you spend.

The game AI pits you against 2 other computer characters.  One of them is usually not very smart so you end up with one one computer opponent.  The remaining AI player can be quite tough to beat if you are slack!

Game controls a simple to buy the streets, utilities or building or changing businesses. Use the navigation keys and the center button to activate the various options.

Graphic quality unfortunately a let down. Sure there are animations of construction and people but the lack of quality in the actual graphics is a let down. For example there is very little difference between a low quality building and a high quality building.  We understand there are different versions catering for the specifications of phones so we may have just been sent the basic version.  Regardless the K800i we tested it on isn’t short on power.

Music is likewise simple and quite catchy but repetitive just like any other mobile phone game.

Overall a good game that shows that game play does overcome other traditional short falls of mobile phones games. We liked it and you probably will too. It’s not a classic or ‘must have’ but it’s not a complete waste of your $$$ either. Fun to play.