Game Review – Lost

COMPANY: Gameloft
GENRE: Adventure/TV tie-in
SIZE: 316 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6233
RATING: 8/10

LOST the mobile phone game was a bit of a surprise package. The adventure is based on the first season of the TV series which most of us here at hyp4mhz watched. Sure we didn’t watch every episode but we watched quite a few!

Premise – you control Jack the doctor from the series as tries to make sense of the surroundings just like the TV series.

The graphics of the game are great. Similar in fashion to the Stranded game by Glu except that they have managed to up the standard! Characters are almost 3D like and thankfully they move really fast. (It could just be the fast CPU of the 6233.) The save game feature is automatic and activates at the end of every game chapter.

Control systems of a mobile phone game make or break the game and Gameloft have done a fantastic job of keeping the number of keys to the basics. The direction keypad and the ‘Enter’ button are all you need! Thumb control only is the best control system for a mobile game especially since mobile phones are getting so small these days. Response and change of movement icons are honestly really good.

However like most games it does have a few flaws. Namely some of the tasks like walking on logs are a bit vague. Also the in-game direction icon takes the raw adventure game feel away. That is instead of feeling freedom of movement in the game it seems like follow the arrows.  It feels like Glu’s Stranded game but with the resource collection part.

Anyway we found the game enjoyable although a little straight forward. The game is not just for fans of the TV series but for newbies too! Perfect for those moments on the train or bus.