Game Review – LEGO Star Wars

NAME: LEGO Star Wars
COMPANY: Tt Games and Universomo
GENRE: Puzzle/Action
TEST PHONE: LG U310 + Nokia 6233
RATING: 7.5/10

The premise: Set in the Star Wars Episode 1 era you play as Anakin Skywalker AKA Darth Vader in this game. Your task is to find your way to Obi-Wan Kenobi and saving the Emperor – Opps! – The Chancellor.

Gameplay involves finding your way by arranging/destroying LEGO bricks, turning on various switches and defending your self with a light saber and by using the Force!

There are 21 playable levels with various save spots. However the save spots can only be activated by exiting a level with a ‘save exit doorway’. Not all levels have this doorway! This caused a bit of confusion as when you exit the game it says saving game but really isn’t until you exited at the appropriate doorway.

You can go back and play each level at any time but only to the ‘exit doorway’. The level of difficulty is typical of a mobile game so not too difficult. The puzzle element is appropriate which allows the use of the force is not a complete walk over. So some challenges here and there. Replayability is limited but again not unexpected.

Graphics are 2D with pseudo 3D objects. They’ve clearly spent time on quality control and it looks great. Personally I prefer this to real 3D. (Yes I repeat this alot in other reviews) Game sounds and effects are the top notch I’ve heard form a mere JAVA game. If you have a Nokia 6233 you’ll be more impressed than with any other mobile.

Keypad controls are logical and you can play this one handed without any problems. Easy enough to play on the train or the like despite the smaller characters. (When compared to Star Wars 2)

The only 2 issues that came to light: First is the save point weirdness and second the Anakin character is a few too pixels too small!


We rate this game a 7.5/10.

It looks and sounds good. It also plays well with the novelty of lightsaber and force action. .5 deduction because of the 2 issues detailed above.

Fix the two issues and somehow add in some aero acrobatics when he’s swinging the lightsaber around and we would give the game the best rating ever!