Game Review – LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman
COMPANY: Cobramobile
GENRE: Movie Platformer
SIZE: 580 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 5/10

Welcome to the LEGO Batman for mobiles game review.  LEGO themed games are usually more humorous than the normal game releases.  It is no different for LEGO Batman!

The storyline is not movie based – rather a game which has all the major villains from Batman’s comic past.  We haven’t finished the game for various reasons hence didn’t do this writeup till recently.  Also don’t expect the dark somber look of the recent Batman movies.  This is LEGO and it recalls the TV series Batman.  So it is bright and dare we say cheerfully.

90% graphical environment for the game is the typical LEGO blocks.  That doesn’t mean poor quality graphics.  It’s perfectly acceptable.

The gameplay is standard platformer but there is something wrong with the controls.  The problem is that they don’t work in a predictable fashion (at least in our version).  The jump forward in particular is annoying and error prone.  If you are me persistant you’ll definitely get the hang of the game but since there are so many other games to choose from this one did not hold my attention.

Conclusion: Purely due to the the control factor the game doesn’t get a good rating.  It took a lot of time to finish the 1st level that in the end we didn’t bother trying to finish the game.  It’s a pity because other LEGO themed games are usually pretty good.