Game Review – Lava Lava

NAME: Lava Lava
COMPANY: Fugu Mobile
GENRE: Shooting
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Lava Lava game review. I couldn’t get a screen shot so its blank!

If you’ve played Missile command before then Lava Lava will be vaguely familiar.  Instead of missiles you will be faced with shooting down lava lumps exploding from a near by volcano.  You start off at Mt Fuji then Mt Merapi th Mt Kilamanjaro and so forth.

The gameplay is unique for me because I’ve never played a game with this system.  Essentially there are bits of lava you have to shoot down and they are represented by numbers on the keypad.  To destroy the lumps simply press the corresponding key.  Sounds simple but its not because the game speeds up dramatically!    You have to last for a predetermined time limit to progress.

The game’s graphics are basic and likewise sound.  The graphic background changes according to the stage and there’s some background animation.  Despite the low end graphics the gameplay makes up for any complaints.

Overall its an entertaining game but there’s not much to it.  You will get bored relatively quickly but some may be sucked in by the challenge of pressing the numbers as quickly as they can.