Game Review – Knight Tales Land of Bitterness

NAME: Knight Tales – Land of Bitterness
SIZE: 167 KB
RATING: 9/10

Welcome to the Knight Tales game review. Honestly we didn’t know what to expected when we downloaded this game. We figured it could be just a different version based on the Dragon Island game engine due to the promotional material. Thankfully we where pleasantly surprised when it ran.

The premise of the game is: you play as Gust a Knight coming back home from another war/adventure to your village of Bohrgia. Unfortunately your village and surrounding land have been overtaken by the evil witch Clara. Clara used to be a unrequited love form your past which supposedly makes things a little tense. Since Gust starts of with such low stats you don’t need imagination to see why he was sent home!

Your home land is now filled with monsters. You first encounter giant frogs, strange midget monsters, armored knights then monsters representing various elements, namely fire, ice and shadow. By defeating the various elemental bosses allows you to save fairies which in turn give you additional magical powers.

The in game narrative of your story is not very good. It doesn’t tell you simply what your next task should be. Not that its difficult to discover. The problem is that it was clearly no designed to be written in english.

Game play is simple and easy to learn. The only annoyance was the ‘0’ button to change magical powers. Collect more fairies to get more magical powers. There’s also a shop where you can upgrade your armor and weapons plus purchase healing potions.

Graphics are one of the best we’ve seen on a mobile phone game. Monsters fire out ‘elemental’ bullets and the sword animation and magic is pretty cool.

Game sounds are pretty good too.


It’s a very good RPG allowing an excellent freedom of choice in terms of ways and time to complete tasks. Much like Diablo II in concept but in mobile form.

Knight Tales Game Hints.

Destroy the big frog in the first area to get your first fairy.
You need Gems to open the statues to get to new areas.
Save the first fairy queen get the green gem.
The green gems unlocks the statues blocking your path to the second fairy queen.
Destroy the big ice monster next.
Save the second fairy queen to get the yellow gem.

At the Ghost Brothers shop the first lot of upgrades are affordable but the price goes up dramatically for further upgrades.  The upgrades are essential to kill the monster quickly.