Game Review – Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
NAME: Ghost Rider
COMPANY: Hands-On Mobile
GENRE: Movie Tie-In
SIZE: 292 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6233
RATING: 6/10

Ghost Rider mobile/JAVA games is based on the Marvel comic character. It was release to tie in with the movie. Let’s start by saying that we have never read Ghost Rider comics let alone considered watching the movie. It is just not our thing…

Presentation of the game is very good, certainly up with the best. Its dark backgrounds with flames highlighting the given theme of Ghost Rider. Graphics look 3D-ish and mostly well done. Sound effects and BGM are very limited as per all mobile games.

So its good but does Ghost Rider play well? The answer is no. There are just too many things you can do or rather have to do to play the game. Aside from steering there’s speed up, slow down, power slides, weapon choice and wheelies. Combined with avoiding obstacles, and ‘killing’ enemy bikers, and the end of level boss there’s some precision direction control to do as well. The game is a definite two handed job and demands your attention completely. BTW the games takes too long to load…

This like so many other mobile games derived from movies Ghost Rider is for fans only. There’s just not enough entertainment reward for playing. We gave it a 6/10 because the graphics are really good.