Game Review – Frogger Evolution

Frogger Evolution
NAME: Frogger Evolution
VERSION: 0.0.4
GENRE: Classic remake
SIZE:  228KB
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Frogger Evolution Java game review. It’s a remake of a classic game released in 1981.

We expected a lot from this game because the original was made for computers with next to no RAM, CPU and graphics capability that now belongs in a regular TV remote control.  So the latest Nokia E71 with better specifications than the most expensive computers in 1981 you’d expect a perfect replica.

This version has two modes the classic mode and evolution mode. The classic mode with blocky graphics is indeed a clone of the original BUT it is not a perfect.  There is stuff cut out such as a row or two of additional cars and little things like that but it does not make it as good as the original.  The most annoying thing is the small size of the FROG!  Could be because we played it on the wide screen E71 but unlikely.

The gameplay is simple and requires patience and accurate timed button presses.  Fast enough and overall well programmed.  However we can’t say much about more because we got bored trying to complete stage 2 of the game!

Great game techincally but unless you’re a Frogger fan it may not work for you.