Game Review – FotoQuest Fishing

Fhotoquest Fishing
NAME: FotoQuest Fishing
COMPANY: Digital Chocolate
GENRE: Aquarium management
SIZE: 230 KB
RATING: 9/10Welcome to the game review of FotoQuest fishing by Digital Chocolate.

You are a student on vacation! On vacation you score a job taking pictures of sea life to sell to other tourists. Scores are determined by the type of fish and number you can get in a single photo. Sounds easy does it? Well the developers have added additional difficulty in the form of nervous fish, quests to photograph rare species and a time limit.

Game play can easily be done one handed. With a story line that you don’t have to remember from the last time you played it and a auto save feature after each level ensures you can pick it up and play at any time. The game rewards your great photos by unlocking new areas with new fish and badges for your efforts. It is an easy to play game on the bus or train.

Graphics are good and there is in game BGM which is rare on mobile games. The music suits the game, nice sea themed perfect elevator music in our opinion.  There is very little to pick on all things considered.

Gameplay hints: Moving around causes the fish to swim away so move your camera viewfinder slowly. When you first take a dive there will often be no fish swimming around so simply move quickly to another spot and then stay there. The fish will appear in no time!

Longevity is good because of the random nature of the fish swimming around. You can certainly enjoy taking more pictures even after finishing the quest part of the game. For example we loved trying to get more than 6 jelly fish in one picture.


FotoQuest Fishing is a game MADE for the mobile phone. This is one of the best mobile phones available. Its even included as standard on various mobile phones. Yes we are wary of standard mobile games but this one is a good one.