Game review – Dawn of Titans by NationalMotion

Dawn of Titans

Welcome to the game review for Dawn of Titans. It’s been a few years since our game review as there are plenty of them on the internet however we noticed an increasing lack of important details and vagueness in many top ranking reviews hence this post. We felt compelled to do a Dawn of Titans review as we’ve been enjoying the experience for the last month and sharing is caring as they say. Dawn of Titans is still in its early development, released in about December 2016 so do not expect a ‘perfected’ game at the time of this review.

Dawn of Titans is a RPG and MMORPG game for Android or iPhones and their associated tablets. It’s a game where you play the ruler of a kingdom and your initial quest is to defeat the bad dude described as a reborn Titan called Almarand. The story line is well though out but can be confusing due to the number of different stories you can start on. The walkthrough at the start is good and does cater for to those new to RPGs but also those who are familiar with RPG that involve resource gathering and army development. In case you’re wondering Titans are essential hero characters you collect of the course of the game.

In terms of graphics Dawn of Titans is one of the best out there but dependent on the hardware of your phone or tablet. Of course when playing close up some of the sprites are too similar. The Titans themselves are mostly unique and detailed. It’s not a space environment but land and there are currently no flying units. It’s pretty smooth all round. And yes, that is my castle in the image above at the time of this review.

In terms of controls Dawn of Titans does play better on a tablet as during battles a larger screen is needed for strategy especially if you don’t want to be out flanked. Your army units are clearly animated so you know if you’ve got archers, spearmen etc…

In terms of difficulty the game mechanics, Dawn of Titans has easy to use controls and responsive. The resource harvesting, unit development are a little on the slow side but that is standard for this type of game. It takes ages to harvest enough resources – every 8 hours is probably the cycle. Once your kingdom is established adventure does become faster but not by much. Special item drops are nice but the items are not that great even at higher levels. You can upgrade your Titans with special items and upgrade Titans, weapons, buildings and army units. Overall easy to understand and access the gameplay.

Dawn of Titans is also a MMORPG so you will get attacked by randoms which is annoying especially if they are at a higher level. There needs to be a much greater status reduction or deterrent for the attacking party if attacking a lower level player.

The major flaw is the Clan or Alliance logic. It allows randoms to join and exit alliances without penalty. As a result you have the losers who join you clan attack other players and exit. Even with it’s ability to close groups it prevents genuine players from joining your group. This factor alone makes it difficult to build a decent reputation and gain players that have the same gameplay ideology. Other things that need to be improved are certain graphical elements like when your power up titans by merging them the graphics are a pretty uninteresting and the same. Furthermore all the Titans bar one Erys the archer are pretty much the same even in looks.

Virtual items you can buy in Dawn of Titans is not special enough. Not asking for a total wipe out item but an item that is genuinely worth paying for would be nice.  As it is now all you can buy ultimately is a reduction in time. That said buying gems is not necessary for most of the game which is great! It reminds us of Clash of Clans or even Star Wars Commander in terms of paying for stuff.

Conclusion: Dawn of Titans is good a RPG and MMORPG in 2017. It’s got nice graphics but not massively different from say Clash of Clans. It’s a good looking and playable game with a story and Titans! Yes Dawn of Titans is worth a download to see if you like this sort of game.

Playability: 10/10 (at time of review)
Longveity: 6/10 (at time of review)
Does it need the Internet data to play: Yes
How annoying is it without paying: Not annoying
Is buy in game stuff worth it: No  (at time of review)
Is it worth paying for: Not yet
Better on Tablet or Phone: Tablet
X-Factor: Titans
Platform: Android OS and Apple iOS