Game Review – Call Of Duty – World at War

Call Of Duty World At War
NAME: Call Of Duty – World At War
GENRE: World War II
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 6/10

Welcome to the Call Of Duty: World At War mobile game review. The Call Of Duty series of games have been around for a few years now.  The mobile version we got was 2D and 3rd person view not the PC or XBOX 1st person and 3D view.

The storyline development is minimal.   Basically you play a special marine that has to perform various missions during the war.  Missions are open and shut or stand alone so there isn’t an overall storyline to the game.

Game controls are simple and easy to use.  There are 3 main weapons you can use for the missions a standard machine gun and grenades.  On certain missions you get to use a flame thrower.  We like the flame thrower the best.

Graphics are very ordinary – we expect better especially after playing the Watchmen mobile game.  The only cool graphics where the planes blowing up.  Sound is like wise standard MIDI fare.

The only problem is that the game difficulty is set too low.  You can finish the game and all its 19 missions in about 30 minutes if you try.  The structure of the missions is linear and unlocks then works as a save point.

Conclusion: Another good game for your JAVA enabled mobile phone – however it is overall slightly boring.  Feels much like the Stars War Clone Wars in theme except not as good.  It needs a more involving storyline and more weapon choices most notably.