Game Review – Aliens Vs Monsters

Aliens Vs Monsters TN
NAME: Aliens Vs Monsters
COMPANY: GLU – Dreamworks
GENRE: Movie Tie-in Platformer
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Aliens Vs Monsters mobile game review. One of the biggest movie releases for 2009 this game is just one of the series for various platforms to capitalize on what is a genuinely a good family movie.

The game’s storyline sort of follows the movie.  You play mainly as the Susan the accidental giant  renamed Ginormica and The Missing Link monster.  The other monsters are there too but not playable.  You have to fight the various aliens and save the planet.

In 12 chapters – You end up jumping and scaling tall builds or bashing away at alien robots.   We like the destructible scenery when playing Susan more than the slightly boring The Missing Link levels.

In terms of game controls – the set up is standard and perfectly suitable for the game.

In terms of sound and music it is standard MIDI with few and repetitive effects.  Not many games have full on music and SFX which is fine since you can’t really turn it up in public – it would be rude.

In terms of graphics – we are very happy that they’ve used 2D because the latest fad with 3D just does not work – especially on a mobile phone.  Overall it looks good and works well.

Playability is also quite good not being too difficult in terms of tasks to perform and the in game saves (ie level unlocks) helps when playing a few minutes at a time.  You could probably finish it in about an hour if you really tried.

Technically the ending reminded me of  the Batman game.

Conclusion? It’s a decent game however little replay factor.   So if you want something to do rather than staring at the dag in fornt of you on the bus give it a go – you won’t feel reipped off.